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There is so much to think about when running a business but safety precautions should never be overlooked, no matter what the size of your company. The wellbeing of staff and visitors alike is paramount, minimising the chance of anything going wrong and causing harm in line with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. To remain fully compliant as a business, a thorough risk assessment should be carried out and the necessary measures implemented to make all people on site aware of the risks and trained on how to carry out certain tasks.

Ensure the site is as safe as possible
The layout of the workplace should be easy to follow and understand for all, with signposts and warnings where needed. Pedestrian walkways and areas of traffic should be kept separate at all times, with concrete bollards implemented to separate the two. Installing bollards both around the property and in places where vehicles are unable to access will ensure no errors are likely to be made and people are kept safe. If employees have to walk where vehicles are in movement, training should be provided to both parties and high visibility clothing provided to ensure everyone is aware of their surroundings at all points.

Provide all the necessary equipment
To maintain hygienic working conditions, all employees should have access to the necessary facilities. Toilets, sinks, cleaning products and rest areas should be available to all so they can carry out their roles hygienically and comfortably. If the nature of the business means employees are on the move, a welfare van can fit a toilet, sink and microwave so people can have access at all times. As well as the facilities, the workplace itself should comply with health and safety considerations; a good ventilation system, heating system and sufficient amount of light is required in working areas.

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